One-on-one Tutoring to unlock the full potential of your child

One on One Tutoring to unlock the full potential of your child

Truly Personalized Learning Experiences Tailored for Academic Success
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"Hesitant at first due to tutors abroad, but Mentor Match totally amazed us! They were way better than any tutors we've ever had."

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Kelly's Mom
Serena, Lawyer

"The one on one tutoring has provided tailored and a focused approach to his learning needs... what really sets apart is the genuine care of the tutors."

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Andrew's Mom
Lilly, Financial Analyst

"Mentor Match gave him confidence to open up about what was troubling him and I think that makes a lot of difference!"

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Sarvesh's Mom
Anita, Homemaker

"Choosing Mentor Match's one-on-one sessions, though pricier than group alternatives, has proven remarkable improvements in academic progress."

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Oliver's Mom
Emily, Hairstylist

"Initially unsure about online learning versus a home tutor, I went from uncertainty to genuine happiness with the results after trying it out."

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Sarah's Mom
Priya, Doctor
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The only after-school service you will need!

Weekly 1-on-1 sessions in Maths & Science for grades 1 to 12
Aligned to your child’s school curriculum
Get your 1st session free and pay as you go
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Your child’s academic success is always our top priority

Tailored study plans to keep pace with the school curriculum
In-session practice and weekly tests to help you achieve consistently high grades
Stay informed with monthly parent-teacher meetings and progress reports

3 dedicated experts aligned to help your child

A Master Mentor to teach your child 1-on-1, according to their pace and learning style
An Account Manager to take full academic responsibility off your shoulders
An Academic Counsellor that works with your tutor to keep them accountable and result-oriented
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Tutors you can Trust!

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Only the top 3%

Confidence begins with quality tutoring. Our multi-step interview and selection process guarantees that only the best tutors join our community

5+ years of expertise

Subject experts who have already helped hundreds of students to learn more and score better

100% engagement promise

Our 60-minute sessions are not lectures; they are lively conversations with your child designed to promote curiosity and learning.
View our tutors

We handle all the challenging subjects!

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Take a free trial class

Get matched with one of our top tutors based on your requirements and experience the service with a free trial class.

Select the perfect plan for your child’s success

Discuss your needs with our account manager, and let our experts craft the perfect study plan for your child

Sit back and Relax

Receive regular performance updates and detailed monthly reports – because your peace of mind matters.

Hear it from them!

"Mentor Match has been a game-changer for our kid's learning journey, providing top- notch 1-on-1 tutoring that's made all the difference!"

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Priya's Mom

Hear it from them!

"It gave him confidence to open up about what was troubling him and I think that makes a lot of difference!"

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Pooja Chabria

Shiv’s Mom

Hear it from them!

"1-on-1 attention from the tutors helped my daughter's marks really improve!"

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Sia’s Mom
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100% Customer friendly service

Only the best

Our rigorous tutor quality checks ensure a top-notch learning experience for your child.

Free tutor replacement

Unhappy with your current tutor? We’ll seamlessly replace them with another expert.

Payment and Refund

If you don't see the expected benefits within the first three sessions, we'll refund your money for the remaining sessions

You’re safe with us!

All data is used for the sole purpose of giving you a customised experience and is 100% secure with us.
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If you've scrolled this far and still need convincing…

91.1% students have shown improvement in their marks with Mentor Match 1-on-1 tutoring.

Talk to an academic counsellor to get more information!

Receive a call back!
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Frequently asked questions

What is Mentor Match?

Mentor Match is an online teaching platform. Our private tuition service connects students 1-on-1 with a top teacher for their selected subject. This teacher will take them through the study material from start to finish in a series of 1 hour sessions over live video call.

How do I get started?

You can start your 1-on-1 journey by booking a free demo session right here! Once you fill in the registration form with your details, one of our counselors will get in touch with you within just 24 hours.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are subject experts from all over the country. They have 5+ years experience, studied in prestigious universities and have been trained to engage students and make them comfortable in the 1-on-1 online environment. For more information on our teachers, you can visit our teachers page!

How will the teacher make sure my child is paying attention if it’s an online class?

It is mandatory for students to keep their video on during the class. Our teachers strive to make the process of learning fun rather than monotonous, and will teach in a manner that engages your child.

Can I change my child’s teacher?

Yes, absolutely. Please get in touch with your Mentor Match representative and they will help you out however you need!

What will be covered in the sessions?

Lessons will be taught as per your requirement. Our teachers are available to guide your child with their portions, concept explanations, homework, exam revision and anything else they need help with.

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