As of 2023, 58% of working parents worldwide are faced with the challenge of finding quality time to spend with their children, particularly when it comes to their academics.

The relentless pressures of modern life often push careers to the forefront, resulting in busy schedules that leave parents with limited opportunities to connect with their little ones. Many parents worry about not being able to help with their kids’ schoolwork, adding more stress. This imbalance causes stress and guilt for parents, affecting their overall well-being.

Since this is a universal problem that affects many families, it shows a need for understanding and support in finding the right balance between work and family. So here we are, with 7 simple self-care tips, for you and your child to stay on track:

1. Quality over Quantity:

Choose quality over quantity when spending time with your kids. It’s not about how much time you have but how you make it special. Being fully present for a few minutes can create stronger bonds and happier moments than being physically there but mentally absent.

For example, playing a board game together with full attention is quality time — but if you spend that same time distracted with your phone, it isn’t much fun for anyone. Prioritize meaningful interactions for lasting connections with your child.

2. Leverage Technology:

Though technology can be a distraction when you’re together, it can also help you stay close to your kids when you’re apart! Send short messages or quick video calls throughout the day for a virtual hug that brightens both your days. Use technology’s power to bridge gaps and keep your connection strong, even when you’re not physically together.

a woman with her hands out

Creating a WhatsApp family group where everyone shares the best parts of their day can be a fun and easy way to stay connected. It’s like a digital family scrapbook where you all get to share the highlights of your day.

3. Prioritize your well being:

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Take time to relax with exercise, a good book, or your favorite hobbies. Your self-care routine keeps you happy and healthy, so you can be at your best for your kids. Remember, taking care of yourself first helps you take better care of your loved ones.

You can even engage in parallel play, where you and your child sit together and work on your separate hobbies and interests — you’re still spending time together and talking, even while indulging in the activities you enjoy most.

4. Weekend-ing:

Plan weekends like little holidays from the work and school routine. It’s a chance to have some family fun. You can plan exciting outings or activities that everyone enjoys. It could be a trip to the park, a picnic, or even a movie night at home. These special moments can become traditions that your family looks forward to.

So, think of weekends as your family time, a chance to create memories and have fun together.

5. Get mentor support:

Think of getting a mentor for your child as a friendly buddy who’s there to support them in schoolwork and activities. This mentor is like an extra set of caring hands, guiding and cheering on your child’s academic journey. It’s like having a helpful teacher-friend to ensure your child does their best and enjoys learning. Consider a mentor as a partner in your child’s education.

6. Cook and Chat:

Whenever you can, try making and eating meals with your children. If you’re short on time, look for easy-to-make meals or just grab a healthy snack like an apple cut into pieces. Sit down for a few minutes and have a chat with your child while you eat. This simple act can create meaningful moments, even on the busiest days.

7. Short moments like dropping at school:

Maximize those moments of 20–30 minutes when you drop your child at school. Have a quick play or chat session — it’s more than just getting them there,; it’s building a strong bond. Show them that you care and that their thoughts matter. A simple yet powerful way to connect and make the most of every minute together.

Lastly, Tell your child you love them every day. Let them know how important they are to you and how they make you feel.

Making special connections with your child is more about how much you enjoy it, not how much time you have.

So, keep it simple and connect in ways that feel right for you and your child. These moments create strong bonds and let your child know you’re there for them, which is super important.