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“Our chemistry tutor helped my daughter a lot. She stopped other tuitions and does all her practice and revision with Mentor Match. Her marks have gone up. I’m very happy with the service 👍”

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Our expert chemistry tutors are here to provide real-time chemistry assistance

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Confidence begins with quality tutoring. Our multi-step interview and selection process guarantees that only the best online chemistry tutor instructors join our community

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Subject experts who have already helped hundreds of students learn better and score higher

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Our 60-minute sessions are not lectures; they are lively conversations with your child designed to promote curiosity and learning.
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We’re the only after-school service you’ll need!

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Personalized chemistry classes with a study plan tailored to your child and school chemistry curriculum

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Regular worksheets and tests for your child. Monthly reports for you to stay informed about their progress!

3 Experts at your service

A Master Mentor, Account Manager and Academic Counsellor at your service to take all academic responsibility off your shoulders

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Leave the academics to us, and receive detailed reports on your child’s progress in chemistry.

We cover your child’s entire academic journey from beginning to end

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Frequently asked questions

Does Mentor Match cover my child’s school syllabus?

Yes! Our tutors offer personalized, one-on-one teaching tailored to your child's needs and any curriculum they require.

How can we keep a track of my child’s progress?

We will provide regular feedback in the form of report cards and parent-teacher meetings. You will also have three dedicated experts (the tutor, an account manager and an academic counsellor) to make sure your child’s learning progress is smooth and to cater to all your queries.

How do I choose the best one-on-one chemistry tuition?

You're in the right spot! Mentor Match offers personalized tuition to fit your child's needs, from basic elements to organic chemistry.

How can I be sure that online chemistry tutoring is effective?

The personalized chemistry classes that we provide have been proven to enhance students' chemistry problem solving, as well as improve their performance on tests and exams. If you’re feeling hesitant, you can also see how the service has worked for other parents!

Will my child receive practical training to solve practical chemistry problems?

Yes! Our tutors focus on practical problem solving skills as well as chemistry concept mastery. Your child will be able to practice problems and sums in class, with real-time chemistry assistance from their tutor. They will also be given regular chemistry practice worksheets and tests to check their progress and boost their confidence.

What age groups do you cater to?

We cater to students from grades 1 to 12. So whether your kid needs help with the very basics, or to hone their advanced chemistry skills, we’ll find the best online chemistry instructor to help!