“Finding a tutor who would give him the focus a parent would!”

Lily and her husband are both financial analysts. They both want to be involved in their son’s academics, but with their workload, they find it hard to keep up. 

“We're both really good at teaching him, but we just don't have the time these days. We wanted to find a 1-on-1 tutor who would give him the attention and focus that a parent would, you know?”

Lily was idly scrolling through her phone on her coffee break, when she saw an ad for Mentor Match.

“I registered immediately! I had been calling tutoring services left, right and center!” She laughs. She talked to our Academic Counsellor and set up a trial class; she was very pleased with how it went!

“You guys asked a lot of questions in that first call! I was wondering why. Then I realised it was so you could find a tutor that would cater to Andrew’s needs!”

Did our approach work?