“1-on-1 tutoring services cost a lot…”

For Emily, as a single mom, the cost factor was a significant consideration.

“Personalised tutors cost a lot more than group classes. But we've been trying different group classes for the past couple of years, and I wasn't seeing much improvement in his performance. That's when one of my colleagues suggested Mentor Match.”

Emily liked how the trial class went. She says that the tailored approach addresses specific needs, which is something Oliver had been missing out in his group classes. She decided to think of 1-on-1 classes as an investment and go ahead with Mentor Match. 

And the big question is: was it worth it?

“Oh! The investment definitely paid off!” She says, smiling. She observed an increased confidence in Oliver, which resulted in the academic progress she was hoping for. For Emily, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

What about Mentor Match makes a difference?